Jonathon Tomlinson


Jonathon Tomlinson is a full time GP, GP trainer, Undergraduate Tutor and regular out of hours GP. He recently completed a two year NIHR academic fellowship in which he studied moral development and behaviour in medical education and clinical practice, he learned a lot but published little, focusing on his blog which engages patients and practitioners in ways the academic press cannot. He is particularly interested in narrative medicine and relationship-based, person-centred care. At the Everyday Ethics conference he will be talking about the role of shame and anxiety in clinical encounters – particularly shame and anxiety felt by clinicians. It is a weighty and potentially depressing subject, but there will be many ideas about how attention to these emotions can help organisations and individuals become more compassionate, resilient and effective.

Job Title: GP/ Partner, The Lawson Practice, London N1 5HZ

Twitter: @mellojonny


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